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Our Services

Tenant Selection

Our high standards of accommadation generates a higher than average demand and allows us to select the best suited tenants from a large number of appliants.

Free Repairs & Maintenance

LPG covers annual cosmetic repairs so that LPG landlords don't have to.  We also conduct frequent inspections, so we can let you know early of potential issues which if left unattended can be costly.

Man measuring wood
Man in hard had about to measure wood

Legal Costs

LPG landlords do not have to worry about any tenant eviction costs as we will be your tenant and will cover any costs needed to evict an LPG tenant in the unlikely event that this is required.

Guaranteed Rent

As a landlord you will receive a fixed guaranteed rent payment on the same day each month for a period of 1-5 years. In addition to no late payments, you will benefit from zero void periods between tenant changeovers. 

Vetted Tenants

LPG target working professionals, many of whom come from our corporate partners and all meet our minimum requirements. 

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